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Steering and Suspension

We are happy to offer a number of steering and suspension services to keep you safe whenever operating your vehicle.

Steering a car might not be quite as simple a process as you might imagine. For example, when you turn, each of the front wheels will actually point in slightly different directions to provide optimum turning performance. There are also two different forms of steering employed in modern cars. Rack and pinion steering converts the rotational motion of the steering wheel into a linear motion, often a choice for high-performance vehicles. It also provides a gear reduction, which makes the wheels easier to turn. Re-circulating ball steering is more commonly used on trucks and SUVs, as the system improves the efficiency of the gearbox on larger vehicles, which may be required for off-road driving.

Your car's suspension carries out a number of important roles. It smooths out road imperfections and bumps, which in turn keeps the vehicle's tires in constant contact with the road, leading to a comfortable ride and higher performance. This, in turn, ensures that the steering is as stable as possible, which ensures that the car handles well. Your car's suspension also transfers the weight of the car when cornering to maintain stability. The suspension system is part of the car's chassis and works in tandem with the steering to carry out its job.

Wheel alignment is also a critical part of maintaining your car's performance. Alignment is a process by which the angles of the wheels are adjusted so that they are perpendicular to the ground. This improves handling by ensuring the car drives perfectly on a straight, level road. This also maintains the life of the tires by preventing uneven wear.

Suspension systems are prone to damage, particularly on roads that are damaged or where the surface condition is poor. Symptoms of problems with the suspension can be varied. The car may bounce or sway excessively, even at low speeds. You may find that the car does not sit level, either when stationary or when driven. Problems with the handling may also point to a problem with the suspension, and you may hear knocking or other unusual noises. A problem with your wheel alignment can also cause problems if not set correctly. As such, getting an early mechanical opinion of any perceived problems is vital to prevent dangerous driving and or costly repair bills.

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